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We are a remodeling company in Arlington that specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well as whole house remodeling and building home additions to help you get the necessary space in order to have your dream home. We are your ideal partner for a hassle-free and reasonably priced home renovation project.

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XG Remodeling, LLC

About Our Company

It’s never a bad idea to work with experts. If you’re planning major renovations or improvements to your home, you’ll want to work with the best company in the area. You want to be sure that the contractor you choose is trustworthy and will meet all of your expectations and deliver the work on time and within budget. My wife and I started a remodeling company with the goal of offering the best possible quality and craftsmanship in all of our projects.

Our skilled crew will complete any tasks necessary to make sure your needs are met. They will be there with you each step of the way, making sure that you have a positive experience and they will answer any questions you have. We’ll keep you updated on the project’s progress at every stage. We will keep you up to date on every step we take, so that you can offer your ideas and suggestions. Your satisfaction is our first priority and we will always listen to your requests.
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Remodeling Services We Offer

XG Remodeling is dedicated to providing superior quality and craftsmanship. Our team members are professionals in home remodeling and are eager to give our experience and expertise for your next project. XG Remodeling is a company founded on enthusiasm: a passion for your project and your satisfaction, passion for keeping deadlines, and desire for excellence.
a modern and wide bathroom area

Bathroom Remodeling

You use the bathroom multiple times each day for a variety of different purposes. Our team of experts can help you create a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional. Call today!
an elegant and a beautiful kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home. If your kitchen is outdated or does not meet your functional requirements, we will help you create the kitchen you always wanted.
an entertainment room with a pool table

Home Additions and Expansions

The best option to add a new room for your family is through home additions. You can use the project to get an extra room for your kids, an in-law, or even guests depending on your needs.
basic design for whole-house remodeling

Whole-House Remodeling

We can help you create the home of your dreams. Our team of remodeling experts will listen to your needs and help you create a home that will meet all your specific needs.

Our Previous Projects

Take a look at our photo gallery to get a better idea of what we specialize in. If you like what you see, please fill out our contact form. We would love to speak with you about your project!

Customer Reviews

What People Say About Working With Us

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“Recently had a patio built in my backyard. Very impressed on how quickly they worked and got everything done. They made some professional recommendations but in the end built me what I wanted. I loved working with this team, they communicated well and cleaned up after themselves, above all, pricing is reasonable…”
– Yvonne Egan
five yellow stars
Very professional crew, everything was done just the way I wanted it to be. and I highly recommend them. on time and there price was better then many other prices and places that we looked around for. We were highly satisfied, thank you”
– George Torrejon

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If you’re considering a home remodeling or home additions project, contact us to schedule a consultation. We’ll get you started and walk you throughout the entire process.
a simple yet modern styled bathroom

Beautiful Bathroom Remodels in Arlington, TX

The bathroom should be a place of peace for you and your family. It should be a place to unwind and rest after a busy day and with a remodel, you can make it anything you want. Bright, spa-like, or cozy and pleasant, whatever your dreams are, we can make them happen. You can breathe fresh life into your bathroom with even the tiniest improvement. Also, a bathroom renovation will provide a huge return on investment.

The resale value of your property will increase significantly if you have a recently renovated bathroom. The bathroom has been a key consideration for many homebuyers these days. Bathrooms that have recently been renovated sell for more money and in a shorter amount of time! If you plan on selling your property in the future, this could be a major advantage.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Arlington, TX

The kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. It is where you and your loved ones cook, eat, laugh, and make memories. It’s a component of your house that you and your family use on a daily basis. You can design the kitchen of your dreams by changing the layout or adding new appliances and finishes.

Kitchen renovations will provide the best return on investment compared to other areas of the home. Regarding resale value, real estate experts agree that the kitchen is one of the most valuable rooms in the house. The majority of financial experts rank kitchen improvements among the most profitable home improvement projects.
magnificent kitchen area
a modern living room with a fireplace

Home Additions and Expansions Builder

When you buy a home that lacks luxury rooms, such as a bathroom or kitchen, you can undertake a home improvement project to get the necessary spaces. The same is true if you bought a home but desire a luxury master bedroom in the future. With home additions, you are able to customize your home to your specifications.

If you don’t mind sharing your home with an additional person or family, you can add a room or two and rent them out. This is a great approach to increasing your family’s income. You can use the funds to reduce your mortgage or other home-related expenses.

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Whole-Home Remodels and Renovations

It is difficult to unwind and unplug from the busy pace of modern life. It is even more difficult if you lack relaxing rooms in your home. A whole-home remodeling will help you to create places that are ideal for rest and relaxation. You can add a library or office, an additional living room, or even a man cave, or gaming room to your home. You want your home to be a place where you can relax and unwind in peace. If you do not feel comfortable at home, it is time to speak with us.
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