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XG Remodeling is a full-service remodeling company with the goal of making home remodeling dreams become a reality. Our team is experienced in all areas of remodeling, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, whole-home remodeling, and home addition construction. We offer reasonably priced renovations, effective management, and superior customer service.

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XG Remodeling, LLC

About Our Company

It’s never a bad idea to work with experts. If you’re planning major renovations or improvements to your home, you’ll want to work with the best company in the area. You want to be sure that the contractor you choose is trustworthy and will meet all of your expectations and deliver the work on time and within budget. My wife and I started a remodeling company with the goal of offering the best possible quality and craftsmanship in all of our projects.

Our skilled crew will complete any tasks necessary to make sure your needs are met. They will be there with you each step of the way, making sure that you have a positive experience and they will answer any questions you have. We’ll keep you updated on the project’s progress at every stage. We will keep you up to date on every step we take, so that you can offer your ideas and suggestions. Your satisfaction is our first priority and we will always listen to your requests.

Our Previous Projects

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What People Say About Working With Us

“Recently had a patio built in my backyard. Very impressed on how quickly they worked and got everything done. They made some professional recommendations but in the end built me what I wanted. I loved working with this team, they communicated well and cleaned up after themselves, above all, pricing is reasonable…”
– Yvonne Egan
Very professional crew, everything was done just the way I wanted it to be. and I highly recommend them. on time and there price was better then many other prices and places that we looked around for. We were highly satisfied, thank you”
– George Torrejon

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Remodeling Services We Offer

XG Remodeling is dedicated to providing superior quality and craftsmanship. Our team members are professionals in home remodeling and are eager to give our experience and expertise for your next project. XG Remodeling is a company founded on enthusiasm: a passion for your project and your satisfaction, passion for keeping deadlines, and desire for excellence.

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom can become a more beautiful, practical, and pleasant place by adding some of the modern luxuries that we have nowadays. Sinks, toilets, shower cabinets, and lights are just some of the many advancements made in recent years.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re like most people, you use your kitchen mostly to cook meals, and remodeling it is the ideal approach to reach your culinary goals. A kitchen renovation will help you get the most out of your space. Call XG Remodeling today!

Home Additions and Expansions

Building a home addition is a fantastic way to transform your home and get the space and features you have always wanted. Call us today and we will listen to your needs, and come up with a plan for your new home addition and help you build it.

Whole-House Remodeling

Have you outgrown your current home design? Perhaps the number of people living in your home has outgrown the available space, or your dated kitchen no longer motivates you to cook. Contact us and we will help you create the home of your dreams.

Beautiful Bathroom Remodels in Plano, TX

One of the main advantages of renovating a bathroom is the increase in property value. The value of a bathroom that has outdated piping and a stained tub replaced with a beautiful, modern design will increase significantly. Whether it’s a small modification, like installing a new sink, or a large one, like re-tiling an entire floor, it will raise the overall value of your home.

If you have no intention of selling your property in the near future, you can enjoy the renovations for many years. A beautifully renovated bathroom will completely transform your everyday routine. Reach out to us and talk to our team of experts today. Let us help you create a perfect bathroom for your needs.

The Best Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Plano, TX

Kitchens can be a constant cause of frustration if there isn’t enough counter space and storage, or if you frequently run into people or open doors. Every kitchen has its own set of issues, and no two kitchens are alike. Increasing the amount of usable space in a kitchen is critical because it is used for so many various purposes nowadays.

To make better use of every square inch, a well-planned kitchen renovation can reorganize the floor plan to add additional storage, seating, or anything else you need. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help you create a kitchen that will be both beautiful and functional.

Home Additions and Expansions Builder

When a home addition is completed, the most obvious benefit is the additional space. With the addition of an extra room to your home, the possibilities are unlimited. If you really need an office or a home gym, your additional living space can be anything you want or need it to be.

With home additions, you will increase the value of your property. Even if you don’t intend to sell your property, it’s always a good idea to increase its worth. If you decide to put your house up for sale, potential buyers will be more interested in making an offer because of the more square footage.

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Whole-Home Remodels and Renovations

Remodeling a home can make it feel like a new place. Renovating the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, family room, and outdoor space will make your home feel like it’s brand new. Remodeling improves the visual appeal of your property, making it more attractive for both you and the people who visit your home.

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, increase your home’s energy efficiency, or add square footage, we can help you.

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Plano, TX

Plano is a city in Collin County and Denton County, Texas, United States. In the early 1840s, European settlers arrived in the area near present-day Plano. The completion of the Houston and Central Texas Railway in 1872 helped the growth of Plano, which was incorporated in 1873. The population of Plano grew slowly at first, from 1,304 in 1900 to 3,695 in 1960. By 1980, the population had skyrocketed from 17,872 in 1970 to 72,000. The population was 285 494 as of the 2020 census. Our company helps the people of Plano reach their remodeling goals. We want them to know that they can count on us to help them create their dream homes.

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